Cargo was a great leader

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The state suffered a great loss with the passing away of Gov. Cargo.

Gov. Cargo was our special friend. He loved all the people in New Mexico; one of his special traits was his humility. I would often go buy him lunch at the cafe, but he preferred to go sit with the seniors and eat lunch there. I have a picture of Gov. Cargo with President Bush, and Hillary Clinton, as well as with Tom Udall.

I truly believe that when Gov. Cargo was born there was a special star shinning up in heaven.

Our Lord and the angels knew that we needed this extra special man, so that you and I can see the height of true nobility. He was always helping and promoting the things that money could not buy. He told me once, “A country, a county, a city or town will only become successful if they have faith and a good library. He worked with us to restore the old historical library in Mora county and supported it one hundred percent.

Gov. Cargo was a true measure of what men can be who value human dignity. Gov. Cargo went beyond the library and helped us to organize and build the new VFW building, plus have a parade for the troops. He was also a member of VFW in Mora. He was also a good friend of commissioner Abelino Ezpinoza and helped out with the road to Guadalupita. He had a lot of admiration for the Regensburg clan, and when he’d see me he’d say, “Oh, oh, here comes Damage Control, the redhead.’” Governor Cargo is one elected official who really took his mission seriously and used his power and position to help people and only to help people. He will be missed, but his footprints will forever be imprinted in the New Mexico sands.

Rosalie Regensburg