Campos takes Luna's reins

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By Don Pace

Pete Campos has been on the job for a week and is settling into his new job as the president of Luna Community College.

“Change is going to come through the teachings, and the teachings that I bring are going to be the daily lessons of patience, discovery and observations,” said Campos, a state senator and former superintendent of the Las Vegas City Schools.

“So in terms of any grand picture that is already set in concrete, it’s not there, but with the numerous experiences of our administration, board of trustees and staff we’re going to continue to work in concert to take this institution to another level.”

Campos said the number of ongoing projects at Luna is amazing. One department is working on making biodiesel from algae; the nursing program is working with Highlands University and will be a feeder program to the university program that began in January.

One of Campos’ stated goals is to provide opportunities in the way of good-paying jobs locally, so people don’t have to leave Las Vegas to find work.

“I met this morning, for example, with the CEO of Alta Vista Hospital, and I will be meeting with people from the Behavioral Health Institute,” he said. “The key is we want to link our mental and physical health services in the community and become that training center so that we keep people at home, provide employment, and most importantly, continue to build upon sustainability for the services that are essential so our population continues to be healthy, become educated, remain in the area and have good-paying jobs.”

In the technologies department, a new mobile classroom will be available to travel to the various satellites.

“We are expanding our offerings more and more, not only to the satellites, but to the communities in between and we’re going to do that in many forms. It will be by wireless technology and by hands-on transportation where we take projects to various sites. The only way that all that works is once we get there to have people show an interest. When that interest is there, then we continue to build upon those components,” Campos said.

Campos said the path to the president’s office has been exciting. He said he appreciates the help of people who have been at Luna for some time.

“I’m offering input, we’re collaborating and building upon an educational system in northeastern New Mexico that over a period of time will become premier — that’s our objective,” Campos said.