Bureaucrat-elites are taking over

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In the name of “security” we lose our rights (see Patriot Act):

Have you noticed our judges get palatial offices and courtrooms, our city offices are more and more removed from taxpaying constituents — with security/combination locks to our city-hires offices, etc. (fed/taxpayer monies are supposedly used for this purpose) — the military version of security gates, kinda like our schools, while constituents eke out a living to support the bureaucrats (see GOP proposal to withhold pay from soldiers in Afghanistan, etc., but pay for Congress/Senate continues through government shut-down).

Our infrastructure is crumbling — except for the Victorian Triangle — and we are to believe “security and denial of availability of city-hires, which we pay for with our tax dollars, is to be viewed as the best use of our tax dollars?

We have become a society of bureaucrat-elites — lessons learned from the Cold War with USSR.

Emilio Aragon

Las Vegas