Bullies beware

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By Don Pace

Los Nios Elementary School students are taking a stand against bullying.

They listened to an anti-bullying lecture by principal Floyd Chavez followed by kids circling the school holding hands to show they are united against bullying.

Administrators, teachers and staff in the Las Vegas City Schools district say they are more aware than ever of the pervasive nature of bullying after a violent case of hazing that allegedly took place at a football camp recently.

Kids at Los Nios were busy making posters to hang around the school that warned students that bullying is wrong and will not be tolerated.

Chavez told his students that he wants every child to feel safe when they came to school. He urged kids to tell someone if they are threatened on the school bus, playground, hallways or in the classroom.

“Your teachers are here to help and protect you, but you need to tell someone if a bigger kid is trying to take your lunch money or hurt you in any way. Don’t be so scared that you let the bullying continue because it will only get worse. If you are caught hurting someone at school, you will be punished or even suspended,” Chavez said.

After the lecture, students filed outside and circled the front of the school in a show of unity against bullying. The students chanted, “No bullying allowed” and “Respect each other.”