Bulldog needed on City Council

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The recent shenanigans surrounding the hiring of Ann Marie Gallegos are just an example of how the gang at City Hall has been operating. They deliberately altered the Council’s published agenda online in a brazen attempt to circumvent the state’s Open Meetings Act so that they could weasel in a rightfully controversial and potentially unpopular appointee to a sensitive position with minimal public input. When they were caught in the act, rather than standing down, they hid behind the bought benediction of a local attorney and continued with the appointment anyway.

This is just a recent example of the devious ... conduct that has plagued the current administration. Less than a year ago, we watched the administration attempt to hand Tim Dodge an employment contract that was both extravagant in its generosity and in plain violation of the city charter. We watched the administration fill the chambers with body-armored police in an attempt to intimidate those who would speak out about that contract. We’ve watched City Councilman Vince Howell vote on a contract for his own employer, and Mayor Ortiz vote to give the city’s gas contract to FerrellGas, a company for whom his son was the regional manager.

Throughout all of this, there has been only one voice on the City Council consistently challenging this sort of unethical conduct, and that is Tonita Gurule-Giron. We desperately need her on the City Council, as she seems to be the only one with the backbone to speak up when a dirty deal is about to be done.

We need a pitbull on the City Council, not another lapdog. We have too many lapdogs already.

Lee Einer
Las Vegas