In Brief - Education - March 8, 2013

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The Associated Press

Schools need more funds
GALLUP — The Gallup McKinley County Schools’ director of transportation says it was poor budgeting that resulted in $2.6 million in transportation funds being returned to the state during the past four years.
Jeff Bond says the now-hurting department is facing an uphill battle in seeking an increase in transportation funds.
Half of the total amount of money remaining in the transportation budget at the end of the fiscal year is automatically reverted back to New Mexico and added to an emergency transportation fund.
The Gallup Independent reports the amount GMCS returned steadily decreased since fiscal year 2009 when it was nearly $1.7 million.
In 2012, the district returned just more than $30,000.
Gallup-area legislators have been fighting this session for better transportation funding for the state’s largest school district.

Quezada takes board seat
ALBUQUERQUE — An actor from the TV show “Breaking Bad” is set to be sworn on Albuquerque’s school board.
Steven Michael Quezada planned to take his oath Wednesday during the board’s regular meeting. He won a seat on the city’s west side last month after running unopposed.
Quezada plays federal drug agent Steven Gomez on the Albuquerque-based show.
Three of Quezada’s four children attend the Public Academy for the Performing Arts, a charter school where the actor has been active on the governing board.