Bridge school prepares for its closure

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By Don Pace

With less than four months before the end of the school year, Bridge Academy is preparing to shut down for good.

“I don’t know if the City Schools has ever been involved in the closing of a school, but for me it’s a very significant issue. I’m proud to be a part of it — it wasn’t very pleasant at first, but it’s something that has to be done,” Ruben Cordova, the academy’s director, told the Las Vegas City Schools board last week.

In November, the board rejected Bridge’s charter.

Cordova said for the past month the school has been focusing on transition and preparing students “for life beyond Bridge Academy.”

“Of the 27 students at the school, we have identified 11 students who could graduate this year if they do what they’re supposed to be doing, the staff is working diligently to help them realize that goal. About 12 students will be transferring to other area high schools, while other students may go for the GED, and we’re helping those students prepare for that,” Cordova said.

Cordova said this has probably been the most challenging assignment he’s had as an administrator.

“All of our students have a next-step plan, which is required by the Legislature. Besides working with the students, we’re also transferring other things to the school district such as student records, personnel files and equipment that’s not being used.”