Breakdown turned out OK

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This is our “on-the-road-again” story thanks to an automotive mechanic from Las Vegas, N.M.:

Our 187,500 mileage Chrysler 1994 van has been a long-time family member since we purchased it 16 years ago, and this past November, it joined us on our weeklong car camping trip in northeastern New Mexico. Unfortunately on Sunday (the last day of our vacation), while traveling back to Denver we started having intermittent hesitation problems requiring us to be towed back to Santa Fe for a fuel filter replacement.

After leaving Santa Fe the van ran fine for 1-1/2 hours; however, while nearing Las Vegas, the van exhibited the same hesitation and eventual dying symptoms. I pulled off onto an exit ramp and saw a Precision Automotive Sign. I called their phone number and left a message around 5 p.m.

Later, Mr. Michael Romero returned my call and that evening test drove our van and scheduled a diagnostic the next morning. At this time it seemed as if a new fuel pump would be required with a fuel tank removal, allowing pump access (an expensive fix). I cautiously drove the van back to their automotive shop the next morning. From the diagnostics (including driving the van around with the instrumentation attached) it appeared as if the fuel pump was OK!

Therefore something else must be causing the problem. Mr. Romero felt it was an bad crank sensor providing misinformation to the van’s computer. So Mr. Romero then had to drive to Santa Fe to pick up a replacement crank sensor.

While the van was being worked on, we had a very nice walk through downtown Las Vegas and learned of the area’s rich history (thanks to a great historical office), visited nice shops, and ate at wonderful restaurants.

After the fix we picked up the van and drove back home with the van running flawlessly! We pulled into our driveway around 2 a.m. We were tired, but appreciative that we had found an expert to fix this difficult intermittent problem.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Romero’s expertise, their staff, his family for picking us up at the motel, the cordial manager at the El Camino Motel, the informative library, and others that made our stay pleasant. We look forward to our next visit knowing that no matter what happens, things will turn out OK!

Dave Slowey
Thornton, Colo.