Bond issues good deals

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By Optic Editorial Board

Bond A would provide a little more than $10.3 million for capital expenditures for senior centers around the state.

Bond B would funnel some $9.8 million into public libraries across the state.

Bond C is the big one. It will allow for $120 million in expenditures for the state’s colleges and universities.

We’re here to give an enthusiastic “yes” to all three.

These three bond questions are on the general election ballot this year, placed there by the state legislature, and each of them will benefit our area in specific ways:

• Bond A would provide $48,000 for Las Vegas Senior Center vehicles, $15,800 for Pecos Senior Center meals equipment and another $10,195 for renovations to the Pecos center.

• Bond B would bring in funds for the Highlands and Luna libraries, to the tune of $95,178 and $15,500, respectively. Additionally, Las Vegas’ Carnegie Library would get nearly $42,600; and the David Cargo Library in Mora, $6,400; while public school libraries would also benefit, with Las Vegas City Schools getting $27,207, West Las Vegas, $29,803, Mora, $12,207, Pecos, $10,057, and Wagon Mound, $6,205.

• Bond C would fund several projects at Luna and Highlands. Luna would use $4 million to pay for renovations to its building trades, welding, automotive and auto collision departments. And Highlands would use its share of the bond money, $6 million, to fix up the historic Trolley Building, a 15,975-square-foot building constructed in 1903 as the barn for the city’s trolley system at that time. “It will not survive without restoration,” Highlands spokesperson Sean Weaver said.

Such funding is important enough to warrant a letter to the editor from Highlands President Jim Fries, which ran Friday.

“In addition, these capital improvements will require materials to implement and complete the projects. Those who perform the work will purchase other goods and services in our community, infusing money into our economy and further stimulating economic development and job growth,” Fries said in the letter.

Indeed, there’s a broader community interest in seeing these bond issues implemented. That’s another good reason to support them.

But the best part, which we saved ‘til last, is that, if these bond issues are approved, no one’s property taxes will go up as a result.

That by itself is enough to support the bond issues. We hope you agree and will vote “yes” on all three.