Board should read student’s column

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I want to commend Eric Martin for his June 3 column (“Four-day week was a bad idea”). It’s an excellent analysis of East’s misguided thinking about how to improve academics in the district. I realize teachers need time for professional development (which should be on the district’s dime, not theirs) but there are other ways to carve out the hours. As far as I could tell, dropping Friday classes this past school year did nothing but make the other four days too long — especially for the elementary school kids — and the schedule too sporadic for all involved.

I could elaborate more on the issue, but instead I’ll simply encourage each school board member to read and consider Eric Martin’s arguments before they decide next year’s schedule. It’s well worth the read.

I’m proud of Eric’s progress as an up-and-coming journalist, and I congratulate Optic managing editor Martín Salazar and the entire newsroom staff for their contributions to his development. I understand he’s in line to be editor of the Robertson High School student newspaper next year, and with his experience at the Optic, along with RHS teacher David Hill’s excellent guidance, he’ll do a great job.

Keep up the good work, Optic. I think I can say with some authority, and a whole lot of pride, that you continue to be one heckuva hometown paper.

Tom McDonald
Las Vegas