Board gets new president

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By Don Pace

Patrick Romero is the new president of the Las Vegas City Schools board after a vote to reorganize.

Ramon “Swoops” Montao nominated Romero for the position, followed by a 4-1 vote to seat him. Philip Leger, who had nominated incumbent president Elaine Luna, was the lone no vote.

“Actually I was hesitant to accept the presidency after I saw Elaine Luna’s command of the English language during her response to Optic questions the other day. But I’ve been asking that we rotate the chairmanship so that all board members get an opportunity to serve in that position,” Romero said.

Romero said after all the years being on the board, he’s only served as president one year and now his colleagues have given him another opportunity, “which is interesting because I didn’t expect some of them to vote for me, but as they say, it only takes three (for a majority).”

He said Luna had been a very good board president and is always very meticulous about her work.

“My style is a little different from Elaine’s. She likes to do things a little more systematically. I like to do things in a quick and timely matter, so we can get to the important things. But I appreciate the leadership she has been providing and I hope I can do as well as she has,” Romero said.

Romero said he believes in shared governance and expects the new superintendent to share that view. He said whoever the new superintendent is that person should keep the lines of communication open with the board and the public.

“So I expect to continue what Elaine has started and make sure that everyone is involved in the process,” Romero said.

Regarding the hiring of a new superintendent, Romero said he still hopes for a public forum so that the community is at least able to question the five finalists.

“And that may still happen. Who knows, we’ll see what the majority of the board wants to do with that issue because I think the community should be involved in the process, too. Ultimately, it’s their superintendent too,” Romero said.

As it stands, the five finalists for the position of superintendent will only face the board during final questioning because the board has previously overruled Romero’s request.

In other nominations to reorganize the board, Montao remains the board’s vice president after being nominated by Romero, and Phillip Vigil replaces Romero as the board secretary after being nominated by Montao.