Birth control the moral choice

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Rush Limbaugh thinks women who use birth control are sluts.

Americans think that women and their families who use birth control are moral. In today’s world, families must plan for the number of children they can love and care for emotionally and financially. American families now have between two and three children on the average. These women and their families are the moral ones.

The world is dealing with all kinds of problems that need us to act responsibly about reproduction. Religious pundits may proclaim whatever interpretation of scripture they choose. But these interpretations are always used to support their own agendas. Remember that religious texts were formerly used to justify slavery, which is now universally regarded by civilized people as immoral.

Slavery is something women have known, too. We now face the reality that governments, under pressure from religious hierarchies, want to take women back to the Dark Ages. And women of faith know what is right and what is wrong, and they, along with their families, will follow their own conscience.

Governments and religious hierarchies are too far away to understand the everyday realities. Trust women. And get off our backs. Men and women of good will and moral fiber, fight back.

Joan Krohn
Las Vegas