Bill will benefit New Mexicans

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I am writing to express my support for SB 152, a bill in the Legislature that levels the regulatory playing field for phone companies.

Some people might be surprised that I would support legislation that would benefit a competitor. But this is the right thing to do because it will help all New Mexicans in the long run.

CenturyLink is both a vendor and a competitor for my business, TaosNet, an Internet Service Provider in Taos and Northern New Mexico. As a competitor, I could oppose this legislation for selfish business reasons, but I support this bill because it ensures the state’s telecommunications regulatory requirements better match today’s modern technology.

The current regulations governing companies like CenturyLink were put in place in 1985 and are woefully outdated in this era of high-speed internet.

The legislation is a small step toward modernizing how New Mexico regulates phone companies and recognizes the need for modern, fair rules. In all my dealings with both vendors and customers, I am always guided by what is fair.

And this bill passes my fairness test.

Geek Alert! I support the concept of network of networks, interconnection, and open access. It is my hope that CenturyLink and others in the broadband industry adopt a similar attitude and consider these concepts when investing in broadband infrastructure in the future. This bill is an important step in encouraging increased private investment in New Mexico broadband. Investment leads to more robust data and voice networks, reducing the impact of fiber cuts and other failure points.

The result of this cooperation among providers ultimately betters the common good of our communities, economic development, and quality of life. It is my hope that this legislation will benefit New Mexicans in the long run.

John D. Batis
Managing Member, TaosNet, LLC