Bad schools hurting our community

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I have just read, in one sitting, an entire summer’s worth of Optics. It was a totally dispiriting endeavor. This is not an indictment of Optic content, but of what is occurring in our community.

The most damning stories, for me, are those chronicling the nonsense that passes for administration and management at Las Vegas City Schools. It defies logic that the two principals whose schools’ grades approach reasonable performance standards per the State of New Mexico are the two that have been RIFed.

Many of the ills that plague our community, well-documented in this summer’s Optics, can be ameliorated by having a well-educated populace.

The dirty little secret in Las Vegas is that local school performance forces many high-school age kids to choose to go out of town and/or state or study for their GED, causes us to lose population, and prevents us from real economic growth because families with children don’t come here. Look around town: where are the 25-40-year-olds, the cohort that gives us new volunteers, the nest-builders who purchase everything from household durables to clothing to those $4 lattes? They are not here in force and that is documented by UNM’s BBER study.

What do we want as a community? What are our values as a community? What constitutes quality of life in Las Vegas?

Maybe it’s time to create a City Master Plan around those questions.

Nancy Colalillo
Las Vegas