Bad experience in judicial system

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Las Vegas, N.M., I am so sorry. This week I had the unpleasant experience of seeing your judicial system in action, a system that during sentencing of a plea deal the family of the defendant is told they cannot speak on the individual’s behalf, are berated when a wife speaks, and are told that a judge could understand how an unfortunate incident could happen if someone was an alcoholic or a drug addict as opposed to someone who has been a productive member of society and upheld the law. Yet the state is allowed to say whatever they wish and lay evidence out without a single objection from the judge, while bringing forward individuals to speak untruths, give circumstantial evidence and making biased inferences showing a total disregard for the equality that the legal system is supposed to uphold.

To say that there was anything fair about this sentencing would be condescension as the judge held up pictures in a manner meant to hurt a family while smirking at the DA.

Yes, I traveled from out of state to speak on my brother’s behalf and was told no. Yes, I had things to say that may have given the judge some pause but her mind was made up beforehand and my family was disregarded and denigrated both emotionally and verbally.

There is nothing impartial about your judicial system Las Vegas and my heart goes out to you if you have to rely on the representatives of that system for righteousness.

Thomas Gonzalez
Colorado Springs, Colo.