Assurances from La Plaza leaders

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We here at La Plaza Little League would like to inform the public, the parents and the children of our league that we absolutely will not tolerate any aggressive behavior or any form of violence at our ballpark and assure the safety of everyone attending games now or in the future.

Our new board is strong and is moving forward and putting the children first.

Our goal is to have a healthy, safe environment for the kids. Our program will be based on teaching the knowledge of the great game of baseball and to make it a safe and fun place for families once again.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your continuous support and attend our Minor and Major tournament. We too hope that the DA’s office will look into it and we also agree that it is a shame to bring this behavior to the ballpark or any public place. That is why we relieved Leon Garcia and the two coaches from their duties.

Shane Graston
President, La Plaza Little League