Archiving items from films

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The Las Vegas Film Commission is in the process of archiving Las Vegas film and theater arts photos, posters, programs, news articles, etc. Film has been a part of Las Vegas for more than 100 years and we want to make sure that we showcase and archive our rich history for future generations.  

Several community members have already contributed to the project, providing photos and articles for “Red Dawn,” “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez,” “Little Treasure,” the Coronado and Kiva Theaters, among others. All materials are scanned and returned to the owners. Each contributor is listed, unless anonymity is preferred.  

The commission is asking the community to please help with this project by contributing any materials that relate to film or historic theater arts in Las Vegas.  Submissions can be made at City Hall in the Community Development Department, 1700 N. Grand Avenue.

Lindsey Hill
City Film Liaison/Event Planne