Another year coming to a close at the market

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By Ruth Fort

Mora’s Farmers’ Market has been very successful this summer. When it started in July the vendors had fresh lettuce, radishes and other early vegetables. People came to get the fresh produce that was home grown. It was picked fresh the day of market and cleaned and ready for use. They honor WIC and food stamps now.


As the summer wore on, each Friday the vegetables that were ready to be consumed appeared at the market. At present there are squash, tomatoes and other fall goodies. Apples, pears and plums also appeared at the last few Fridays market. Not only were there an abundance of vegetables but also baked goods, crafts, local honey, fresh eggs, and we won’t forget the plants and flowers.

Some of the members have green houses to help get vegetables and flowers growing while the outside earth is still too cold to raise the plants that need a longer growing season.

The Mora Farmers Market began eight years ago. Some people who saw the need for a farmers market in Mora organized and began the project. The instigators were Wendy Capeck and Lucille Joseph with the encouragement of other local growers. They have been having the farmer’s market for eight years.

During the first four years Dan Cassidy provided the space for their market at the Cleveland Roller Mill. They put signs on the highway and set-up shop at the Roller Mill every Friday.

When the Mora Valley Ranch Supply Store opened the growers asked to use the parking lot, after the bank next door was closed for the day. So with the cooperation of all concerned they began having farmer’s market from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  every Friday. They began from the time the vegetables were ready for sale until the end of the season. The group was happy to be in the middle of Mora where it was easier for folks to come to buy their produce. It has been very productive.

More people have joined the program as it has continued. This Friday will be the last day for this season.

They are members of the parent company, New Mexico Farmer’s Market Association. Betsy Block is the local manager. She said that they are encouraging people to join the Mora Farmer’s Market. She can be reached at 575-387-2737. 

Congratulations Mora High
Many good things are happening at Mora High again this year.
First of all, the Mora High School Marching Band has won first place for the fourth time at the New Mexico State Fair Parade.

Cross country runner Alonzo Chavez is keeping up the family tradition of champion runners that his brother Henrique started. Henrique is continuing to be a champion runner at New Mexico Highlands University. Alonzo got first place in both Taos and Pecos cross country meets.

The Rangerette volleyball team is beginning their new year doing very well as they did last year.

Mora High School students keep showing what they can do in Mora High and after they move on to college after high school, Henrique at Highlands University and now Andrea Romero is continuing her skill of running by joining the cross country team at Western University.

We will also be hearing about the other students of Mora High School who are doing their best as the year progresses.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may  be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.