Animal Shelter people deserve medals

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The people who work at the Animal Shelter should receive gold medals for  helping me. (Recently, on a) Sunday at about 1:30 p.m., my Bretta died at  almost 13 years. She weighed about 100 pounds, a Bouviers.

I want to thank two of my neighbors for helping me to get her prepared and I especially want to thank the three people at the Animal Shelter who helped me put her into three large plastic bags so we could put her in a freezer. The crematorium is pending.

It seems the City needs to pay for some kind of  of gas valve. What’s the problem?

I thank the people who work at the Animal Shelter. I could not have  done it without them. Thank you!

Let us get this crematory issue behind us. Get it funded. Pay these people for dealing with unsavory realities. Thank you.

Kirk Bonds
Las Vegas