Angry at system of ‘justice’

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With all due respect, I am rapidly losing faith in our judicial system, from judges to prosecuting and defense attorneys, and those who manipulate the system.

A man kills a dog for attacking a child, and he gets prison time? Another man kills a police officer in Tijeras and now waits for his attorney to find a legal “loophole” to get him released, or other such remedies.

Maybe the saying, “The more money you have, the more justice you get,” is true. Even if you prosecute drunken drivers.

Am I disappointed? No, I’m downright angry! Especially after reading about the helpless “little angel” who was killed and sexually violated by an individual who has a long history of abuse on different issues. This innocent 17-month-old child didn’t stand a chance.

I’m sure I’m not the only person in New Mexico who feels this way. Let’s see if “justice” (or whatever you call it) prevails.

Moise Medina