Ambulance service a must for Mora

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I am writing in response to your article regarding the financial difficulties facing the Mora Valley Ambulance. In addition to the operating shortfalls presented by Mora Valley Community Health Services to the Mora County Commission, the ambulance service operates without a permanent base, is in desperate need of funds for equipment and continued training, and cannot afford to hire the staff it needs. An ambulance crew member works for approximately $2 per hour to be on call, and receives $25 per ambulance run, if there are ambulance runs. Financially, all corners have already been cut.

Despite the financial situation, the Mora Valley Ambulance has so far been able to provide necessary emergency medical care to the community.

However, without accessing additional revenue, the ambulance service itself may not be able to survive. This would be a great loss to the residents of Mora County as well as those people from elsewhere who visit or travel through Mora County. Many medical emergencies are extremely time-critical. Waiting for emergency medical care to arrive from Las Vegas can often be too long a wait for a person bleeding to death on the highway.

The agencies involved in overseeing emergency medical services in Mora County (Mora Valley Community Health Services, the Mora County Commission, and the State of New Mexico) need to act with assertive vision if Mora Count is to keep a functioning ambulance. Without a local ambulance service, the health, safety and well-being of Mora County residents will be drastically compromised.

Christopher Kelly, EMT-B
Mora Valley Ambulance
Ojo Feliz