Alleged RMAC Conference Call Made Over NMHU Sportsmanship...

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During the NMHU-Colorado Mines football game last September, it was alleged that some of the football players made threats to the Mines Cheerleaders, and a complaint was made against HU that resulted in a RMAC conference call over this matter.

The results of that call have been not made public, but this writer is requesting the full particulars under the FOI (Freedom of Information) Act, since this is public record. When the information is known, and there's full veracity to what was said will be republished here on this Forum.

It is widely known that NMHU men's sports (particularly football and basketball) is considered to be an "Outlaw School," picking up Div. I rejects. During the late 60's the HU football team established itself as a powerhouse NAIA school by this very same means...Hence this reputation.

On the other hand, the NMHU baseball (with the exception of last year's drug bust involving team players) squad has a very good reputation.

Some things never change, including the NMHU "Outlaw" image. If this is the case, how about NMHU Athletics "Going With The Flow" and having an Oakland Raider face imprinted into a cowboy hat? That'll make RMAC really talk!




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Outlaw School?

What is "outlaw" about lesser schools recruiting "Division I rejects? The best talent available to small schools may well be the talent that is almost, but not quite, good enough for Division I -- unless you get lucky and find a standout that just wants to come here. But if by "rejects" you mean players who have been thrown out of Division I schools for misbehavior on or off the field, that would be pretty outlaw behavior.