Alleged ringleader expected to enter deal

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By David Giuliani

Michael Gallegos, the alleged ringleader in the assaults at a 2008 Robertson High School football camp, is expected to enter a plea agreement next week, a victim’s parent says.

A hearing for Gallegos is slated for 9 a.m. Monday in Santa Fe’s District Court.

Gallegos and five others were accused of sodomizing underclassmen during the camp in 2008.

A father of one of the victims said he had been informed this week that Gallegos will be entering a plea agreement. He referred a reporter to prosecutor Henry Valdez for details; Valdez declined to comment.

Gallegos’ attorney, Billy Blackburn, didn’t return a call for comment.

“The plea agreement is something we can live with,” the victim’s father said. “It’s not exactly what we wanted. But there’s no way anyone could be totally satisfied. The agreement is a good honorable way to get out of this with some dignity and closure.”

The father said everyone involved is exhausted.

“I sure hope that the judge and the prosecutor fight for the maximum for Michael Gallegos. Everyone knows he was solely responsible for having this come down. I believe he has be held to a higher standard,” the father said.

The father said he wants Gallegos to get more than a year.

“So far the judge has been fair. Even though we don’t agree with what the judge had done, he’s been fair. He has been the saving grace,” the father said.

Gallegos is the son of former longtime Councilman Michael Gallegos, who had been out of office only for a few months when the football assaults happened. Shortly after the assaults, the Gallegos family sold their Vegas Drive house and moved out of town, believed to have gone to the Albuquerque area.

Last week, Lucas Martinez became the fifth teenager to plead guilty to charges in a case involving the assaults.

Martinez pleaded guilty to three felony charges for his role in sodomizing fellow members of the Robertson High School football team with a broomstick.

The 18-year-old will be sentenced under juvenile rules next month.

Three other former players have been sentenced to terms in a state juvenile facility.

A fourth defendant also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced on June 4.

Gallegos has been portrayed as the ringleader in testimony and was to stand trial next week.