Alberto Abeyta celebrates 104th birthday

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By Ruth Fort

Alberto Abeyta celebrated his 104th birthday on April 14.

His family and a few close friends met at the American Legion Pavilion in Mora to hold their great celebration.

Abeyta is the oldest man in Mora. He is the oldest living veteran in New Mexico,  having served in World War ll.

KOAT-TV interviewed him and broadcasted his story last Thursday evening and Friday morning.

The news crew visited his Mora home.  

As the oldest man in Mora, he was honored by being the Parade Grand Marshall in the 2011 Fiesta Parade.

Abeyta was born on April 14, 1908, in Moses, N.M. in Union County (near Clayton). He had one brother and one sister. When his parents moved to Mora they lived where Helping Hands is now located. Later his father bought land in Rio De Casa.

When Abeyta was old enough he joined the Army at the beginning of World War II.

He joined in February 1942 and was honorably discharged on July 3, 1943. He has been a member of the Mora American Legion since it was started.

He has always been a hard-working man. He worked on the railroad in Cheyenne, Wyo., and ship yards in Oakland, Calif.

On March 5, 1942, he married Frances Trujillo, who was born in El Morphy, near LeDoux.

They have five children, Dolores Tipton, Rudy Abeyta, Frank Abeyta, Ted Abeyta (deceased), and Elizabeth Ruby Blackwell. They have 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

Abeyta used to herd sheep in Wyoming and came home periodically. While he was gone his wife and the children took care of the ranch, home, cattle, gardens and so forth. She, too, is a hard working woman.

The Abeytas still live in their home. A grandson lives near them and they have some homecare. They are still alert and keep abreast of what is going on. When asked if they still make a garden Ruby, their daughter, said that Alberto is not able to do that any more but he instructs them how to do it. He is alert and interested in what is going on around him.

I hope to find out if there are other centurions in our midst. They are precious to all of us.

County has cleanup day
Many people spent the beautiful day last Saturday cleaning highways and by-ways of Mora County to make Mora even more beautiful than it was. Different groups, families and individuals spent the day picking up trash along the roads and nearby areas.

There were about 45 participants who signed at the registration desk at the bank. People were saving the aluminum cans to be put in the recycling bin at the bank.

Many trucks from residents in the county were bringing their quota of tires to the dump where they were put in a stack to be sent to be recycled. The county estimated that there were about 800 tires brought in. This helped in clearing areas that were dangerous and unsightly.

After a morning of hard work the participants gathered at the Southwest Capital Bank lot to eat a delicious lunch of barbeque beef and the “fixings” and beverages provided by the Mora Valley Chamber of Commerce and prepared by Lee Daniels.

Thanks to Daniels and also Ida Mora who donated many delicious cup cakes. Many thanks also goes to others who helped make this clean up day lunch possible.

They are Russell’s Discount Foods, Allsup’s, and cash donations from Herzog Environmental and Southwest Capital Bank. Special thanks also goes to the participants who worked hard to do the clean up.

The community thanks the Mora Valley Chamber of Commerce for starting and planning this project to make our Mora even more beautiful.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may  be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.