Aiming for Fairness

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By Don Pace

The Robertson Cardinals will host Las Vegas Bowl XLVII Saturday. That game involves the responsibility of coming up with a design for a T-shirt for the occasion.

Freshman Amy King doesn’t consider herself an artist but said she likes to draw and is fascinated by the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, which represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work.

“I really love yin-yang so I put it on the shirt, and I think it’s cool because it makes them both equal so people from both East and West can enjoy the T-shirt,” King said.

The outer circle of the yin and yang symbol represents everything, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies and cannot exist without each other.

Names of football players from both the Cardinals and Dons teams playing in the 47th meeting of the crosstown rivals are printed on the back of the shirt.

King likes band and biology and is the daughter of Nicole and Brian King.

Money raised from the sale of the T-shirt will go to a number of student activities as the design competition and the student council sponsors the sale of shirts.