Activists trying to divide community

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I must say that I have never heard or seen such blatant disregard for common human decency as that expressed by Lorenzo Flores in his attack on our mayor and his staff recently. Clearly he and his cohorts are the ones trying to reinstate the “patron” system and once again divide our city into two camps by using our Spanish language to seemingly reinforce his argument, which to me and many others in our community has no basis in fact. The Spanish words he uses are in fact identical to the ones used by a member of our city government during some council meetings, which leads me to believe that the rantings in his letter were spoon-fed to him by others. His rantings will do nothing to help our community resolve our most pressing problems — water being at the top of the heap.

My first language was Spanish. I could not speak a word of English on my first day at school, which consisted of one room and one teacher with 22 kids ranging from age 6 to 17 ... grades 1 thru 8th. I deeply resent Flores trying to sway me to his twisted views by using the language of my fathers. Our Spanish people are no longer the poor, abandoned, whining, under-served, ignorant, uneducated (people) of yesterday as he makes himself out to be.

I moved to Las Vegas 48 years ago and some people with Lorenzo’s views still consider me an outsider, but I don’t care.

I consider myself a part of this community and my ashes will be spread here the day I go. This community has been good to me, and I, too, have contributed in my own small way to it. You see, it takes more than being born in the barrio to become a good citizen in our community. It takes hard work, commitment, dedication, cooperation and community spirit, which I think are alien words to Mr. Flores and his cohorts as they try to muddy the waters for their own selfish purposes.

Everywhere we see young people of all ethnicities excelling at many things. Unfortunately some make wrong choices and don’t succeed, but our system works, and we must keep trying to help all people who want to rise above the seeming chaos of modern life.

Chris Gallegos Sr.
Las Vegas