Accept the contract

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By Optic Editorial Board

The city of Las Vegas should be commended for its proposed contract with the Fiesta Council, which organizes the annual Fiestas de Las Vegas.

The agreement would only last through July 15, a couple of weeks after the 2011 Fiestas. The city would provide the council with enhanced oversight because of the group’s many problems recently. Hopefully, it’s only a temporary arrangement.

Under the contract, the Fiesta Council would release its 2010 financial information, admit that it handled a dispute with the 2009 Fiesta queen unprofessionally and give the queen her full scholarship. Also, the mayor would appoint a third of the Fiesta Council’s membership.

We urge the group to take a more positive attitude and become more cooperative with others, especially the city.

The Fiesta Council should accept the proposed contract.