‘Outside’ water rates not fair

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We live on NM 65, the road to Montezuma, right beneath Bradner and Peterson Dams. One of the main water lines that the city gets its water from runs right along NM 65, next to my front yard. Yes, the city of Las Vegas gets its water from outside city limits.

I was hooked up to the water system by PNM in 1970. We should have rightfully been grandfathered in with the same rights as water users within the city limits when the city of Las Vegas took over the water system. I am sure that PNM specifically mandated that all current customers be treated equally. We all contribute to the city’s wellbeing by paying the same gross receipt taxes that those citizens within the city limits pay. The city would be in a bad financial state if not for the “outside the city limits” citizenry.

Bruce McAllister is right by stating that “we need to be charging more money” for water usage, but the “we” must mean all water customers shall be charged equally, within and outside the city limits. We must all make sure the city’s water system is financially sound by maintaining an equal responsibility of water usage charges for “within” and “outside” city limits customers. Keep in mind that we all use the same water — water from outside the city limits. We must all be charged the same.

It is obvious the city is discriminating against an important and contributing portion of its customers. We all support our local Las Vegas businesses. Remember the city’s logo, “Support your local businesses,” which in conjunction applies to supporting all customers’ equally.

Cirilio Saavedra
Las Vegas