‘My councilor’ way off base

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My councilor is posturing in an attempt to seem interested in the Public Welfare while only seeking publicity.

This is not the first time my councilor has blustered and gone on and on, like a dog with a bone. However, the “bone” she chooses to chew on has little if anything to do with the issues at hand.

Water is an issue that I would expect all members of the governing body to support and do all in their power to facilitate.

The feeble attempt to distract the public with the straw dog of hidden rate increases, Councilor (Tonita) Gurule-Giron states the following: “fiduciary responsibility” and “constituents should decide on any rate increases,” when rate increases were not even on the table. The issue was seeking approval to apply for a grant that could result inasmuch as a 50-50 reduction in costs to me as a taxpayer. ...

It seems to me that she began to lay the foundation for running for mayor a number of weeks ago, when the issue of supplying the transfer station with a larger water line came up. Yes, the water line would continue on past the transfer station to an area where the mayor once owned property and sold it to a relative; it is now not owned by family. The issue at hand was fire protection for the transfer station. The governing body had approved an $800,000 investment for repairs and improvements to the transfer station. The fire chief testified that the existing water line and storage at the facility only allowed three minutes of water and there was not a hydrant close enough to have additional water available within that three-minute envelope. Without this water line, the transfer station would be in jeopardy, should a fire break out.

This simple issue of protecting the citizens’ investment of $800,000 in improvements was ignored, by all councilors except Mr. (Andrew) Feldman.

Once more, the status quo was protected.

I truly do not understand why some of our councilors do not put the issues of the citizens ahead of their own personal agenda. The issue is moving our city forward and repairing the neglect left by previous administrations.

I want a mayor who will continue to improve our city infrastructure, repair what is broken, invest in the current and future needs of the citizens, and be honest.

Do I seek the impossible?

Bruce McAllister
Las Vegas