‘Don’t worry, and don’t fret’

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By Rosalie Regensberg

It seems that every time we turn on the TV, or read the newspaper, there is crime, violence, or some national disaster somewhere in the world. People have so many problems, and although there are programs that help, most of these programs require a fee, and money is something that people just don’t have, especially those who need the help.

The economy is bad and there is still too much unemployment. Sometimes I feel that they only way we the general public, can help is to pray. “Prayer is more powerful than the atomic bomb,” and it does help.

A while back I wrote a poem that I want to share. It’s called, “Don’t worry, and don’t fret.”

I often lay awake at night/So many problems seem unsolved/Crime, violence, and disaster everywhere/ I see a tear in a child’s eye/A broken heart/A life torn apart.

The loss of a loved one/And the pain it is so bad/I toss and turn/And finally my old tired body falls asleep.

But I dream, and I dream/I see someone falling off a cliff/And I call out, Stop! It’s not too late to change your way of life/Just call upon our Lord/He knows your problems/He knows your heart/He will understand.

I wake up in a cold sweat/My dream it seemed so real/I see the bright sun/I smell the fresh air/I hear a bird sing/And the bark of a dog.

On a white cloud I seem to see his face/And his nail-scarred hands/While a voice inside my soul said to me/”Oh, don’t worry, and don’t you fret/For I died on Calvary, to save your soul and theirs.”

Rosalie Regensberg