‘Divisive’ is needed

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I beg to differ with Tom McDonald’s post-election column portraying Tonita Gurule-Giron as divisive. I would like to ask Mr. McDonald, according to who’s criteria?

If Tonita was so divisive, how could she have managed to convince over 1,000 voters to unite in support of her? Does this mean that those who voted for her are divisive also? If anything, Tonita has divided us from those who think less of their fellow Las Vegans and from those who want to make Las Vegas another Aspen, Taos, Santa Fe, etc.

I thank Tonita for her divisiveness. Without it, we would neglect the right to defend ourselves. I am also glad that Tonita speaks her mind y no es una vendida. This helps us to maintain pride and unity in what’s being left of our original community. And I can truly say that you will never find Tonita ... swallowing shovels full of special interest and taxpayer money.

Wake up, mi raza, the second coming of the Army of the West is upon us.

Only this time, let’s not hand over our pepper and onions. Let’s be divisive and not allow our people to be fooled again. When it comes to survival, struggle and divisiveness go hand in hand.

I also wish to congratulate Joey Herrera for his victory. It gives me peace of mind to know that we have three sangre del barrio representing our gente at the city.

Lorenzo Flores
Las Vegas